Sunday, 20 January 2013


This is a late update. =/
that day, 20121205, I made a decision---cut off my hair.
I've been annoyed by my messy long hair since a very long time.
Actually i am not wanted to do that, but when I step in the saloon, after my sis sat at the chair and she's waiting for her hair cut, my "hair cut thought" had came thru my mind again. 
I used up few minutes to consider this the end............
I even don't know why i have this audacity to make this decision ><
my long hair has been accompany me almost 4 years! since i was 16.

I felt fresh after having a hair cut. a brand new me before my 20th birthday. :):)
How about the hair style I got?
em...i perm is short truly..i dye it in dark olive brown color with a purple color highlight.
The deep word from my heart, I don't like it seriously. I was regretted. :(
how to say..I was look old than previous! 
At the first time, I thought I'm still haven't adapt it yet, but after a week, i'm really cannot accept it! I want my long hair back! TT

ZZang ZZang~~the result of the hair cut...
I miss my long straight hair~

I want my long hair back to me!! >.<

okay...the time has passed. rapidly
Now is 20130120,
Actually I'm not dislike short hair, coz it can dye in cheaper price. tsk tsk tsk
so i can change my hair's color in anytime as I like.
but now, the first thing I should think about is how to straight my hair back, this is a serious question.
I hate this curly short hair! @&%#*))!)&!
The face problem maybe....
I did many research, asked for the opinion..... idea....
drop it off...
Another thing i am thinking about is what is the next color i want to highlight it to my hair?
mint blue? red? peach red? pink? or purple again?
haih..tired of it...

I must have a hairdo again before CNY
so, 到时看着办吧~ 绝不能再做多一次后悔的决定了!
that's all~


  1. hahaha~~cut short just to dye it~~lol~haiyo dun need think too much la~GD change what colour u follow him change also~then u jiu can 3 days change 1 time hair color liao~XD

  2. hahahaha!! follow GD need many many many $$$$$ lo!! wakaka