Friday, 1 February 2013



I were participated an event held by UTAR Building & Environment Society.
This is one of the precious memory in my UNI life.
I was addicted to Korea TV show Running man since 1 year ago. Finally I got a chance to participate an event which similar with it.
Since this is the first time of UTAR create this kind of event, there is still a lot of improvement has to go.
The most memorable part is the "tear the name tag part". I am a member in the group of mission, we have to prevent the ‘number' which hided inside our name tag steal by the hunters. We have to find the “switch card" as well.
Unfortunately, I got caught by two female hunters 10 minutes after the game started. they were rude! OMG...I am dead. 
At the end, this is truly a great experience.

CH Chong :D:D
Our Sohai team!

Another sohai team XD

Mission team daebak! We won the game!

One of the strategic by our team, but it was FAILED~

I got caught!
The hunters know that I was hide my number into my shoe =/


They found it >.<

Happy Ending......

Group photo (Day 1)

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