Thursday, 1 November 2012


OMG! today makes all the VIPs high to the max!
That's BIGBANG! rockz in Malaysia! First concert, first performance in Malaysia!
This is the second time I attend Bigbang Alive Galaxy Tour :D


First of all, I have to say a million thousand thankyou to 988fm! they give me the chance to win the ticket and attend this concert~that is very unbelievable.. I won 2 ticket from 988! I am damn lucky! ^^
The tickets i won x)x)
The night before the concert, we are freaking crazy when we are making the "garbage bag rain coat" >.<
Coz the weather forecast told that there will be rain during the concert day, so we should prepare for it coz that is an outdoor stadium ='=
we had walked around all the possible shops in KLCC but we did not found one rain coat!
Suddenly, we have an idea to make the rain coat by our own~ tsk tsk tsk
Just some very simple material needed! garbage bags and scissor! :D:D
DIY DIY DIY.................

jang jang! our DIY rain coat! XD
we reach the stadium around 10a.m.
there seems like a pasar malam! so many fake BB lightstick and fake official t-shirt are selling at there
My dear yoyo ^^ (taeyang's wife XP)
She is so close to GD!! hahaha! happy die!! XD

I met that two Korean eonni again! 

OMG! I betrayed my hubbie TOP! hehehe

Only look at u! 탑!

We are BB's VIP! BB is our VIP! VIP girls daebak!

we are ready for blue and red mission!
while waiting for entry................

queue in the rain ><
I got this banner! thanks my dear Jing Ying! :-*

Finally! 6pm..the time we step in the stadium! excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh my gosh! we get a good standing place! hehehe
but....when the amount of audiences enlarged, everybody hands up, I SEE NOTHING!! OH shit man!
Aroung 7.30pm, the worst thing...raining AGAIN!
we sang together~~scream for bigbang~

M'sia VIPs are showing their enthusiasm even the day is raining

Finally! 8.10pm..the crews wipe off the water on the floor of the stage
8.15pm, the party started! =目


The best best concert!!

Many friends wonder that why am I so crazy abt Bigbang? 
I juz can say they don't understand BB, they don't understand me, so please don't just judge me like I am a crazy-er! 
ain't no fun la please!
I love them even thought they are not handsome
I admire their talent, the way they perform their music, their style! They are adorable!
I admire Bigbang crazily! until whenever!
WE ARE YOUNG! we must do whatever crazy thing as we can do in our 20's! 

T.O.P oppa!
BEFORE n AFTER the concert ==

The embarrass scene did by Malaysian! rubbish sea~hope BB didn't saw it ><

That is a happy ending to my 1027! the day i won't forget~


  1. haha the concert super high!! even though after the concert 自尊心的刘海is gone and shirt all wet,but is still awesome!!XDD

  2. yayaya!! same same! high to the max!! even though i would like to give up standing infront in the middle part of the concert~but i still hold out to the end~omg~ the best concert ever! :D:D