Sunday, 13 November 2011

I was get MARRIED?

Last night I had a dream, it’s so inexplicable. I am GETTING MARRIED! *LOL* In the dream, I am going back to Kulai from Kuala Lumpur. When I am reached my sweet home, my mummy tells me a fact I ever expected. She says I have to get married tomorrow. WTH? I am so shocked about it! However, the “tomorrow” is coming. I was dress up and waiting for my “husband” come and pick me even I don’t know his name and how he looks like while I am keep on imagine his face. This is what kind of wedding day? “Husband” didn’t come and pick me. Afterwards, my dad and mum pack up some of my clothes and fetch me to my wedding dinner. We all bundled into a car. When I’m reached there, I realised I have not brought and worn my high heel. OMG! Therefore my aunt gives me a pair of sport shoe and I wear it in a hurry. Oh no! This is what a funny look!

I am looking around, scanning and finding which my “husband” is. I really can’t recognize at all. I have a mixing feeling in my mind. Finally, I found him! He is looks like no bad *laugh* but he’s ignoring me! We are without any interaction in the dinner until the end. Actually his legs were paralyzed because of an accident a year ago his mum said. Now he has been able to walk but sometime still have to rely on the wheelchair. The dialogue between us is simple. After the dinner I am following him and his family going back their house. I was cried at that time because I couldn’t tear myself away from my family but it’s no way.

I have no idea who he is in the actual world, maybe it’s really has this kind of people in the world just I never met him before.

< Dream is dream, real life is real life; After the dream we still have to back to reality. >
It's time to continuous my assignment! GAMBATEH! 


  1. hahaha~~the husband is TOP izit?wakaka~~

    1. if he is top then good lo~he is OKU i oso want marry him..hahaha..if not mistaken the guy i dreamed is not leng zai geh ><